No Hands – The Niall Horan Parody for Parents Heading in One Direction

July 13, 2017

hat happens to your love life after kids come on the scene – sapping your energy, spirit and ability to stay awake past 8pm…
Thank you to Niall Horan for the ease in which ‘Slow Hands’ was adapted to portray romance after kids – which, if we’re being frank, ain’t that great most of the time. Generally speaking, one, or both of you, smells like off milk mixed with despair and the last time you felt well rested was in a glorious time when you had no clue who Mr Tumble was.
No offence to men kind, it’s just sometimes we want to sit, be still, have no one ask us for anything, and drink wine / gin / vodka / calpol then fall into blissful, sweet, sweet sleep (if only for two hours). No offence. We’re still cool – right?
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