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Welcome to the jungle…

To baby, or not to baby? That is the question . . . Having spent your carefree youth working hard, playing harder, and enjoying lazy Sunday brunches – is there ever a right time to take that terrifying leap into the unknown: swapping your poached eggs for fertilised?

When you thought adulthood would mean having your life all figured out, imagine the confusion at learning it’s actually a never-ending legging-clad exercise in expectation vs reality . . . and soft play.

Join Sophie McCartney as she voyages deep into the uncharted territories of mating, birthing, feral offspring, mums overdoing it at the watering hole, and the perilous viper’s nest of the school WhatsApp group.

With heart, humour and leg-crossing honesty, whether you’ve had a day full of whinge, or a night full of wine, there’s always joy to be had on the wild ride into parenthood.