The parenting version is much less romantic!

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Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ hit number one in 30 countries around the world and sat at the top of the UK charts for 14 weeks.

Though Sheeran’s song has catchy lyrics and an unforgettable melody, when we found mummy blogger Sophie McCartney’s version entitled ‘Smell of Poo’ we knew immediately which was our favourite.

Yes, the title sounds puerile, but Sophie, who runs parenting blog Tired N’ Tested, has changed the lyrics to reflect the hilarious (and horrible) trials and tribulations of being a mother of young kids – and that includes changing a lot nappies.

In the video, which has had almost 21 million views so far, she can be heard singing about son Jack and daughter Evelyn as the lyrics bounce along the bottom of the screen.

Some notable lyrics include changing the words ‘Me and my friends at the table doing shots, drinking fast and then we talk slow’ to ‘slob at home in maternity wear and maybe pop out to Tesco.’

At one point she can be seen trying to squeeze into her old skinny jeans with the aid of a clothing hanger.

During the very relatable video the mum of two also talks about her children’s incessant chatter and how their dirty nappies make her feel sick.

Talking to the blogger explained: ‘I’d recently downloaded Ed’s new album and had ‘Shape of You’ stuck in my head – I started changing some of the lyrics just to make the kids laugh.

‘Then I had the idea of making it into a bit of a feature for the blog, by doing the video and that’s how it came about really – just a bit of a silly idea that I didn’t really think would amount to much…’

Mother’s everywhere have taken to Twitter to express empathy and understanding for Sophie’s video.

Come on, sing along!